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-  Where are the classes held?  Our classes are at Cabela's in Garner; typically the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.  [Schedule listed later in the process.  Please continue.]
-  How much does it cost?  $50 per person
-  How do I sign up?  You will be able to register later on in the process.  Please continue.
-  How will I know if I signed up and that my seat is reserved?  Once you pay, your seat is reserved.  If you do not pay during the registration process, your name will be removed so someone else can attend.
​-  How can I learn more about what the class is all about and if I am eligible to attend?  By continuing to read.
-  “My friend told me” or “I heard”.  It has been our experience that a lot of the time people are only repeating what they have heard.  It is your responsibility to know the law and you can find the latest laws here on our website.
-  I thought you did classes in Benson, too?  Our range is located in Benson.  At present, we do the majority of  our classes Cabela’s and then go to our range in Benson for the firearms safety and firing part of the class.  
[We will most likely pick the Benson classes up again after Daylight Saving Time .]
-  Well how far is that?  Approximately 22 miles from Cabela’s between Mcgee’s Crossroads and Benson off Hwy 50. If this seems like a long way, the instructor drives the same distance if you think about it.
-  How long does the lass take? According to NC Law, the class must be 8 hours in duration JUST FOR THE CLASSROOM WORK.  The range evaluation is NOT included in those 8 hours.
-  What should I expect out of my day ?  You will come to Cabela’s at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning.  We will be there from 9 a.m. until approximately 4 p.m.  Once we are finished, we will drive to our range (approximately 30 minutes) and complete the classroom part of the class there.  At approximately 6 p.m., we will start the shooting portion of the class.  The time it takes to complete this depends on the class members.  Once everyone is finished, we will issue certificates to those who have successfully met the requirement.
-  What happens if I fail the class?  That is not likely.  In the 4 years we have been conducting this training, the only time a person “failed” was because they committed a FLAGRANT safety violation.  We will work with everyone to ensure you successfully pass.  It is not a guarantee, but our results speak for themselves.
-  Is the only way I can sign up online?  Yes.  We require you to sign up on line because the fegistration form is used to add you to our database.  Additionally, there are some very important clauses you must acknowledge before you can attend.
-  What do I bring?  You will see that later on and you will  also receive an email the WEDNESDAY before your class.
-  Why should I take your class and not someone else’s?  You can take it anywhere you wish, there are many fine ones out there.  Please read our customer testimonials and make you mind up.  We hope you choose us.
-  Why don’t you list a phone number?   lt is most likley  that all of the answers you need  are on this website.  It is a test of sorts to see if you read everything you should.  We don’t do this to mess with people.  Attention to the details is a very important part of the responsibly of carrying a firearm in public;  If you don’t care to read through all the material, you probably aren’t prepared .
-  But what if I can’t find the answer to my question?  Then please email us at .  It is not that we don’t want to talk to you, it is the most efficient form of communication and we have to maintain communications for liability purposes.  Email fulfills that legal obligation.

What is This Class All About and Why Do I Have to Take It?



According to NC Law (12 NCAC 09F .0101), the Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) Class must be a minimum of eight (8) hours in duration (RANGE TIME NOT INCLUDED) with 2 hours covering the law and the use of Deadly Force.  Below are the required subject to be covered and what each student must learn and demonstrate their understanding.

The course entitled "Concealed Carry Handgun Training" shall consist of eight hours of instruction and shall include the following identified topical areas:

 Legal Issues (two hours):  The student shall be able to explain the following:

(a)           the types of situations that the use of deadly physical force would be justified;
(b)           list areas where the carrying of a concealed handgun is prohibited;
(c)           the requirements of handgun storage under G.S. 14-315.1; and
(d)           the laws governing the carrying of a concealed handgun.

The instructor shall determine the student's level of understanding of the relevant legal issues by a written examination.
Handgun Nomenclature:  The students shall be able either verbally or in writing to list the primary parts of their personal handguns.

Handgun Safety:  The students shall be able to:

(a)           list at least four rules of safe gun handling and demonstrate all of these procedures during range exercises;
(b)           list four methods of safely storing a handgun and choose the method most appropriate for their personal use;
(c)           describe safety issues relating to the safe carry of a handgun; and
(d)           determine the proper storage of their handguns when there are minors in the home.

Handgun Fundamentals:  The students shall be able to:

(a)           demonstrate how to load both a revolver and a semiautomatic handgun;
(b)           demonstrate how to unload both a revolver and a semiautomatic handgun;
(c)           describe the operational characteristics of their handguns; and
(d)           achieve a passing score on a proficiency test administered by the instructor.

Marksmanship Fundamentals:  The student shall be able to:

(a)           demonstrate a proper handgun grip;
(b)           demonstrate either the Weaver or Isosceles Stance;
(c)           describe the elements of sight alignment and sight picture; and
(d)           demonstrate trigger control in a dry fire exercise.

Presentation Techniques:  The students shall be able to demonstrate the draw or presentation with their handguns.

Cleaning and Maintenance:  The students shall be able to:

(a)           demonstrate how to "field strip" the handguns if their handguns can be field stripped;
(b)           describe how to perform a "Function Check" on their personal handguns; and
(c)           based on the manufacturer's recommendations, list the lubrication points of their specific handguns.

Ammunition:  The students shall be able to list the four components of handgun ammunition.

Proficiency Drills:  The students shall be able to:

(a)           demonstrate how to check a handgun in order to ensure that it is safe;
(b)           demonstrate how to fire a handgun from a ready position;
(c)           demonstrate the ability to fire a handgun from various distances; and
(d)           achieve a passing score on a proficiency test administered by the instructor.

The student shall fire 30 rounds of ammunition at a bulls-eye or silhouette target from three, five and seven yard distances;
At each yard distance the student shall fire ten rounds;  21 of the 30 rounds fired by the student must hit the target.


Can I bring my own gun?

          -Yes, however, it must be cleared for safety and ammuntion must be left in your vehicle.  We will check all firearms before they are taken in. 
            (NO FIREARMS OR AMMUNITION at Cabela's)

I don’t have a gun, what do I do?

            -  Well, UNLIKE other places, we do not charge you if you want to use one of our firearms.  IN FACT, we will loan you one of our Ruger SR22s. (22LR) and you can either bring ammo (50 rounds) or we will sell it to you at cost.  We will also let you use one of our 9mm pistols and we require that you purchase it from us at a cost ($5 for 22LR / $10 for 9mm).

Do you sell ammunition? 

            -  Yes we do.  We have all the most popular calibers.  We will sell it to you at cost.  9mm, .40, .45, 357, 380, 22LR. 
(Please contact us about availability before the class.)

Do I need to have experience before I come to the class?

            -You should have a basic knowledge of how pistols operate and have fired a gun.  It has been our experience that the less experienced person typically does better than one the is “just doing it because NC Law requires it”.  To get a basic overview, go to our "Go Here Before the Class" page.
Eight (8) hours is a long time!!

            -   Since we have been teaching the class, we have always acknowledged this fact, but assure all our students that at the end of the day, they will think that time flew.  There is a lot to learn and the amount of information put out is tremendous.  HOWEVER, we use interactive teaching techniques that keeps everything interesting.

What about the tests, I hate tests?!

            -  The written test is an OPEN BOOK format and by the time training is complete, you will know ALL the answers.  As part of our teaching philosophy, we would consider it a personal failure if you couldn’t pass the test.  DON’T sweat it.   As far as the shooting evaluation is concerned-----see the previous statement.  A lot of folks get nervous about the word “test” but the purpose of this class is to assist in helping everyone walk away with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to obtain their NC CCH and that is exactly what we do.

Is handling and shooting a gun safe?

             -  Guns characteristically are inert items and therefore harmless.  It is not until an irresponsible, unknowledgeable/untrained  person uses them that makes them dangerous.  One of the main focuses of this class is to teach and stress firearms safety.  We emphasize the “Golden Rule” of safely handling a firearm at all times;   ALWAYS KEEP THE FIREARM POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION.  If firearm is pointed in a safe direction at all time, nothing will be destroyed or killed, even in the case of an accidental discharge (AD). 

I am afraid of guns, is that normal?

          -  The human nature side of everyone is to be apprehensive about things we don't know about or understand.  Firearms are no different and this fear is increased by the news media and hollywood.  Just like anything else, you have to try it, get experience at it and as time goes by, that fear will go away.  

I have a bunch of speeding ticket, can I get a permit?

          -  There are a lot of conditions for who can and cannot get a CCH.  The best thing to do is review the NC Firearms Laws on our "NC and Federal Laws" page.

What gun is best for me to conceal carry?

          -  This is a common question and our typical anwer is, "Ford - Chevy".  There are many factors regarding handgun selection and it is based on each of us individually.  There is a block of instruction in the class surrounding handgun selection.

So, at the end of the class, I can start carrying a concealed handgun, right?

           -  NO!  This class is just the first step required to apply for a permit at the sheriffs office in the county you reside.  We cover this subject in depth in the class, but if you want to know details before you come, go to our page and review the NC Firearms Laws on our "NC and Federal Laws" page.

May I carry a concealed weapon in North Carolina?
          - No. As a general rule, North Carolina law forbids private citizens from carrying a concealed weapon, either on or about their person, while off their premises, unless the weapon is a handgun and the citizen has a concealed handgun permit. This prohibition pertains not only to firearms, but also to any other deadly weapon. You are referred to Section III. A., B. and C. of this publication for a more detailed analysis of this complex area, to include transporting a firearm in a vehicle.
May I get a permit to carry a concealed handgun in North Carolina?
          -  Yes. Certain qualified North Carolina residents can get a permit to carry concealed handguns under specific circumstances. North Carolina allows out-of-state concealed handgun permittees to carry concealed handguns pursuant to such permits in North Carolina. Please be aware that while carrying a handgun pursuant to such permit, qualified out-of-state permittees are held to the same standards as North Carolina permittees. Consequently, there are a number of areas where concealed handguns cannot be carried in North Carolina, regardless of the individual having a permit to carry a concealed weapon. A more detailed discussion of what areas prohibit the possession of a firearm is contained in Section III. C. of this publication.
How old must I be to purchase a handgun, shotgun, or rifle?
          -  To purchase a handgun from a federally licensed firearms dealer, an individual must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older. The age at which a person can purchase a shotgun or rifle from a licensed dealer is eighteen (18). Please note that although an eighteen (18), nineteen (19), or twenty (20) year old may be issued a pistol purchase permit, they would not be able to purchase a handgun with it from a licensed firearms dealer but could purchase a handgun from a private person.
Is it lawful to carry a weapon into a bar or similar establishment for the purpose of personal protection?

          -  As a general rule, no. North Carolina General Statutes generally forbid a person to carry a weapon into an assembly where an admission fee has been charged, or a place where alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed. There is a limited exception for those in possession of a lawfully issued concealed handgun permit. However, even these permittees may not carry a handgun into such a premises if a notice has been posted prohibiting such carry and they may not consume any alcohol. A more detailed discussion of these areas is contained in section III. E. of this publication.
Do my guns have to be registered with the sheriff or police department where I live?
          -  Except as to the requirement to lawfully possess a machine gun under N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-409, North Carolina does not require other types of firearms to be registered with the sheriff or Police Department.
If I buy a handgun from a person whom I have known for a number of years and whoo does not have a criminal record, do I still need a permit?
          -  Yes, North Carolina General Statute § 14-402 does not make any exception for the receipt or purchase of a handgun from a private individual as opposed to a firearms dealer. Therefore, a pistol purchase or North Carolina concealed carry permit is necessary before the transfer of any handgun can take place.

 For the purposes of carrying a concealed weapon, does it make of difference if it is loaded or unloaded?
          -  No.  North Carolina General Statute § 14-269 does not specify whether the weapon has to be loaded or unloaded. Rather, the location of the weapon is looked at to determine whether or not it is concealed.
Is a fully funtional pistol or knife which is designed to fit into a belt buckle considered concealed in North Carolina?
           -  Yes. Gun and knife belt buckles described above falsely give an impression of being ornamental in nature. As their nature and purpose is concealed and misleading, coupled with the weapons' immediate and ready accessibility to the wearer of such a belt buckle, they would be considered concealed.4
May I possess a firearm in State or Federal Parks?
          -   A person with a valid concealed handgun permit may carry a concealed handgun on the grounds or waters of a park within North Carolina's State Parks System as defined in North Carolina General Statute § 113-44.9. Additionally, pursuant to North Carolina General Statute § 14-269.4(5), a person may carry any firearm openly, or carry a handgun concealed with a valid permit, on any State-owned hunting or fishing reservation. Further, pursuant to 36 C.F.R. § 2.4(h), a person may possess a concealed firearm within a national park area in accordance with the laws of the state in which the national park area is located, except as otherwise prohibited by federal law. Any person desiring to carry a firearm on any national park area should consult with the appropriate federal park service for additional guidelines on the possession of firearms.
How many handguns am I authorized to ccrry concealed at any one time while I have a valid concealed handgun permit? 
          -  North Carolina law does not restrict the number of handguns that may be carried by a concealed handgun permittee. Therefore, the permittee may carry as many handguns as he/she is comfortable carrying.

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