What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Took this class with my sons over the weekend. I had a lot of mixed thoughts on carrying a gun but as I sat in the class I kept going back to one thought. This is a different time and our country is a different place. I realized I needed education as well as my sons on the laws to protect ourselves. Dan gave us the information to make a informed decision on whether to carry or not. Self protection is a right but information helps you to understand how to do it legal. Dan is very knowledgable and uses lot of life situations to make you think. In the end it is up to each of us to make the decision to carry or not but get all the correct information before you make your decision. I would recommend Dan for accurate and easily understood information. Sure has made me see things a lot different. - Pam B.

  • Awesome class. Very knowledgeable instructor. Two thumbs up! - Phil P.

  • Great class. Very informative . Patient and instructional . Highly recommend !  - Kristie B.

  • I loved it! I now know what the law says about my rights. I also learned alot about gun safety and how to handle a gun.  - Daryl B.

  • Great class!!! Learned a lot and would recommend to any and everyone!!! Will definitely be back for anything gun and law related.
  • I took this class. The instructor was great and gave us all the information we needed and he made the class interesting so that we could continue to pay attention. -  Malinda R.

  • I took this class. The instructor was great and gave us all the information we needed and he made the class interesting so that we could continue to pay attention. - Theresa P.

  • Great learning experience. Dan is patient and very knowledgeable. Awesome for first timers and veterans.  -  Thomas P.

  • I attended the first ladies only class yesterday. Dan made me feel completely comfortable and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I learned so much about the safety of a gun and also with the improvement of my skills. The class was very relaxing, enjoyable, and he made the 8 hours go by quickly. Also, the range is on site, which is great!
    I left his class with the confidence and knowledge to further my studies and practice in both firearm safety, self-defense and to improve my shooting.  Other than being extremely well-versed and educated in all things related to firearms, he is both kind and patient and I can personally guarantee you will not regret any of your time training with him. My husband is signed up to also take his class in December.  I would HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone!!!
    Thanks, - Michelle W.

  •  Dan, your class rocked it. Learning and shooting was very helpful. Would recommend  You to anyone. Thanks,  - Andy D.

  • Dan makes the 8 hour class fun and it flys by with lots of useful information.   -  Ed D.

  • Great way to get your foot in the door. Awesome instructor, also licensed to sell so it's a one stop shop. - Billiam Y.

  • Dan is excellent, entertaining and knowledgeable. Enjoyed the course for CCA and will return to purchase firearms. - Aaron G.

  • Great class. Dan is very knowledgeable and keeps the class interesting. Very helpful with any questions you may have. I would recommend to anyone looking to take a concealed carry class.  -  Froylan P.

  • Had a great experience today in class! Would recommend it to all my friends & family!!!  -  Belinda S.

  • Dan held a very informative class an also made it fun . I will recommend him an his class to anyone wanting their CCH permit.  -  Woody P.

  • My husband and I took this class. We really enjoyed it. Mr. Dan did an excellent job teaching it. He is an excellent instructor !! Took the time to answer any questions we had. We recommend his class to everyone !!  -  Virginia P.

  • Just finished the course and I can say Dan explained everything where anyone could understand ,very informative and fun! I would highly recommend Dan to anyone looking to get their CCH permit.  -  Madelyn P.

  • I highly recommend Dan. His class was extremely informative and enjoyable. I only wish I'd had done it sooner.
    Take his course!  -  Sahrah B.

  • This is a great class. Dan is an awesome instructor. I had never held a gun and knew nothing about gun control before Saturday. Dan made me feel comfortable during both portions of the class. His positive attitude put me at ease right away eliminating my worries and fears. Awesome class Dan!  -  Charlotte  O-M

  • Dan has so much knowledge and makes you feel very comfortable. Especially someone like me that was a nervous nellie. Thank you for today. It was informative and fun.  -  Renee S.

  • We (7 people) from ages 18-69 went as a family and took this class! Mr Dan was great!!! Time went by quick and we all learned a lot! Highly recommend! We met another nice couple along the way! Very nice, calm environment and Mr Dan didn't mind answering any question you had! It felt like we were "at home"!! He will also help you find the gun that is perfect for you! Great time!!  -  Brittney F.

  • It was a great class we learned a lot and we had fun ,the time when by fast.  -  Barbara B.

  • Dan was extremely nice and very informative. The class flew by, we had a large group and all of us were very comfortable!  -  Monica D.

  • Great class - Dan is a skilled instructor and kept the course interesting, informative for all levels, and most importantly safe. He did not mind my endless questions and made the hours fly by, I highly recommend!  -  Marie L.

  • I attended Dan's class this past weekend with a great group of people. Dan keeps thing interesting which make the 8 hours go by quickly. Time well spent!  I would highly recommend this class.  -  Al A.

  • We had a great class today! The 8 hours went by quickly. Dan knows the material and makes the day fun. Would highly recommend this class to anyone interested.  -  Whitney S.

  • I went with my friend/coworker. We had a blast! Dan was very personable and professional. His instruction is thorough. He is patient and answered every question. Dan is extremely knowledgeable about his craft. I recommend everyone to take this class.  -  Mekeba L.

  • We had a group of 8 people attend the class together. Dan was very personable and a great instructor. He made time fly by with the classroom portion. Everyone had the chance to ask questions as it was a very interactive class. The shooting portion was on site and efficient with 2 people shooting at the same time. I would highly recommend for anyone!  -  Michelle M.

  • Dan was laid back and professional, Made everyone feel comfortable from the time we pulled up in the driveway. Although 8 hours it felt like half that time, his humor and interaction was enough to help us glide through the time. Dans confidence in us all lifted out spirits and I believe brought the class to a higher level of attention and understanding!! I would recommend him to everyone.   -   Anothony F.

  • Went to class nervous, I've never shot a gun before in my life. Classroom time was very informative and answered alot of my questions and explained alot of the laws. Once on the range I knew what to do and how to do it. I wanted a gun for safety reasons and now I feel comfortable enough to get my pistol permit and buy my first gun!! Thanks Dan and Amy  -  Diane C.

  • I have never shot a hand gun before. Came into the class nervous but Dan made me feel at home. Learned so much information I needed to know. Answered all my questions before I could even ask. Would highly recommend this class to anyone. You will learn everything you need to know to get started. Thank You Dan!  -  Amanda H.

  • This was a excellent class very informative and the time goes by fast. If you want to take a concealed carry class this is the best instructor around very helpful and very very knowledgeable about all kinds of guns and all !!! Makes you feel very comfortable and not nervous ! Mr. Dan is a awesome instructor!! Classroom is excellent and the shooting range is onsite!! Top of the line class!!  -  Dee P-S.

  • Dan does a great job of not letting the class get boring. He's very attentive to your questions and makes you very comfortable with what you are doing. The 8 hours literally flew by. If you pay attention in this class Dan will set you up for success. If this is something you're on the fence about I strongly encourage you to take Dan's class. You won't regret it.  -  A.J.  M.\

  • The instructor was awesome and made things easy to understand. Very laid back atmosphere and he doesn't mind answering questions.  -  Ashley C.

  • Just took this class yesterday... Instuctor was very ingageing which made class go by quickly learned a lot! I encourage anyone who is interested in getting your CC to take this class.  -  Richard P.

  • The class was great! Dan made the class interactive and the 8 hours flew by! The class was fun and informative. Dan was extremely professional and knowledgable. Awesome course and I highly recommend it! -  Cara Y.

  • Dan made the 8 hour classroom portion fly by! He is a very professional and personable instructor. T-UNIMPEDED offers an exceptional course at a price that cannot be beat. At his price, it is obvious Dan doesn't teach for the money but because he wants to enable every responsible and competent adult to protect themselves.

  • Provided excellent instruction inside and outside of the classroom. He provided practical examples, demonstrations, and mechanical advice. I never shot a gun before, and after just one session at the range, I felt really comfortable. would HIGHLY recommend taking Dan's course to any, and every, friend family member, and otherwise. Not only is he well versed, but he actually cares a out you learning the information and mechanics. couldn't be more satisfies. Thanks a lot! -  KB II

  • You will not be board in Dan 's class; great teacher. I went threw dan class this weekend.  -  Chris C.
  • Wife and I took the CCH class last Saturday. Dan was extremely informative and knowledgeable of current rules and regulations. He made the class enjoyable and fun. If you had a question, he answered it clearly and made sure you understood the answer before moving on. I would recommend Dan to anybody wanting to take the Concealed Carry Handgun class. Enjoyable, informative, and made to be fun instead of boring. -  Carey B.
  • I recently completed the CCH Training at Cabela's in Garner. Not only does T-Unimpeded possess the specialized first hand expertise, they are by far more cost effective than the other area CCH Training programs.  
    Shamefully admitting, I went in to my first day of training with so little knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the materials. I was like, "Seriously, how much can they possibly teach us in just a limited amount of time?".
    To my amazement, I witnessed the entire class departing on the second day so humbled, yet feeling very well rewarded with the knowledge and training received. I am certain the entire class feels they got successfully aligned with and prepared for the scary initial stage of embarking on the CCH responsibility.

    The course was far more training and effective time spent than I ever expected could be possible in a mere  8 hour course. ---  Scott B.

  • I liked the fact that Dan is an "everyday" type of guy,and not the Dry, Pompus know-it all instructor. He has a lot of knowledge and encourages people to ask questions.he teaches well. I enjoyed the class very much and have recommended to some family members. I truly wished that Dan offered another level of handgun training, because I would have signed up immediately after the class. --- Willie L.

  • Dan's knowledge and eagerness to ensure we understand the facts.  Great Teacher! Dan, who is top notch, kept the atmosphere lively and interesting. I paid a VERY reasonable price and this class was enjoyable. The location (at Cabela's) was convenient as well. --- Philip A.

  • Dan was easygoing and was not intimidating, he makes everyone feel comfortable no matter what your skill level is.  The class was very informative and fun as well! Dan's teaching style is excellent, he is exceptionally knowledgeable but he makes everyone comfortable no matter what their skill level is. It's a wonderful, easy going learning environment. I learned a lot and I'm so glad we took the time to take the class. It was really worth it and the skills we learned will stay with us.   ---  Lisa L.

  • ​The class was small which allowed for easy one on one with the instructor and other students. Dan is very knowledgeable and personable which makes for a good atmosphere for learning. Eight hours is a long time to be in a classroom but listening to Dan tell of his escapades seems to shorten the day with nothing missed in the instructions. All in all it was a fun day.  ---   James L.

  • The fact that I did not know anything about guns, Dan was very knowledgeable,
    informative, and kept my attention the entire eight hours which could have been very boring and grueling.  ---   Caroyln P.

  • That Dan explained everything in depth. Also his knowledge on the subject was impressive.  ---   Anthony R.
  • The classroom was informative and stressed safety.  The class was great. Safety and the explanation of the laws were done in a clear and concise manner.  ---   Robin H.

  •  Dan answered my questions n explained things in detail ina way I could understand and is a wonderful teacher.  I've already recommended Dan to several friends.  There was a lot of information reviewed in a short time and I was pleasantly surprised at how well each question or clarification I had before the class.  ---   Tammy L.

  •    I want to thank Dan for his valuable instruction for Conceal Carry Certification. Class covered many areas of conceal carry requirements. Dan ensured that student participated in the instruction. I attended the class with a friend that made being there more easy. Because of time I believe the instruction was not long enough. There will always be questions as, what if this happens, what do you do. Overall the instruction given was done in a professional manner. Again thank you very much.  ---   Jorge C.

  • Dans class was AWESOME. He does such a great job and the 8 hours really did fly by! He's an awesome instructor and makes us all feel confident and safe.  Thank you!   ---   Madison O.               

  •  Extremely informative, current knowlege of NC conceal carry law. Presenter (Dan) keeps the class on point and is an excellent public speaker/instructor.   The entire process from beginning to end could not be any better.  Very well laid out lesson plan, covered all areas. Instructor was professional and detailed as well as extremely knowlegable of subject matter. Class consists of both male and female and different levels of handgun experience but everyone leaves with adequate knowlege.  Great Job!!   ---   Marge  M.